Why choose a hot mop shower pan?

A Hot mop shower pan will protect your property.

When tile or marble is going to be installed in a shower, the waterproof membrane becomes the insurance policy that makes the entire shower installation perform.  No compromise should be accepted for installing the best and most durable waterproofing possible.  A hot mop shower pan is the most superior shower liner available.

A hot mop shower pan is the shower liner that lasts.

An expertly installed hot mop shower pan should last the life of your bathroom and  protect better than any other shower liner.

A hot mop shower pan protects any shape of bathtub or shower.

Because a hot mop shower pan is applied in a liquid state, we can create a  shower pan that molds and fits to any size and can accomodate many unique shapes.   Our installers can tailor installation to waterproof benchseats, ponywalls, landing areas, tub deck areas and even roman tubs.

Industry Experts Agree

The Ceramic Tile Institute, established in 1992 to promote excellence in tile installation, recommends the hot mop shower pan method of waterproofing above other methods such as a shower pan liner.


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